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     Here are some useful and relevant links that you might like to explore.  I've sorted them alphabetically, by category, as well as giving brief descriptions of their main features.  If you want to know more about a site, go ahead and visit it!
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     (Please note that although all of these sites have been personally visited by me, I am not necessarily in 100% agreement with every word, idea or content of any site that is listed here. Also, if you do choose to visit any of these sites, you will do so at your own risk.  Triodíti's Journal is not liable for any problems or difficulties arising from your attempt/s to visit or use any of these sites.  Thank you for your understanding.)


Pagan / Wiccan / Occult Sites: 

     This is an old and much-respected Pagan/Wiccan organization.  The following was taken from their site's Introduction page:

     "Founded in 1974 by Selena Fox, Circle Sanctuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to networking, research, spiritual healing, community celebrations, and education. The Circle sponsors gatherings and encourages Nature preservation with Nature meditations and workshops celebrated at diverse locations including the Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve, a 200 acre site in the forested hills of southwestern Wisconsin, USA.

      "We advocate religious freedom through the Lady Liberty League and foster interfaith dialogues which strive toward multicultural cooperation.

      "Circle Sanctuary maintains the Circle Network, an information exchange and contact service which links together individuals, groups, networks, centers, and other groupings of Pagans/Nature Spirituality practitioners throughout the world."

     The New York City Pagan Council was founded in 2007 with the aim of helping other Pagans and Witches who are having legal, social or financial troubles because of their beliefs.  Anyone who is spiritually open-minded, who can contribute their time, money and/or experience and make a firm commitment to this worthy cause is most welcome.

     Panthean Temple"In celebration of the Old Religions since 1995."  They have a wonderful on-line community and are truly sincere and dedicated to their chosen path. Panthean Temple is also the organizer and host of Beltaine: A Pagan Oddyssee in Connecticut.

     The Wiccan Family Temple (WFT), founded in 2007, grew organically out of the experiences of three Witches living and practicing their Craft in NYC:  Starr Ravenhawk, Luna Rojas and Athena.  After years of writing and conducting rituals and celebrations, both as solitaries and within large public groups, they were inspired by their experiences and the perceived lack of family-oriented Pagan groups in the NYC area to form WFT.
     They offer classes and monthly Full Moon rituals, as well as organizing NYC events such as Open Beltane in the Park, the Witches' Masquerade Ball and the Yule Soirée.
     Finally, as licensed Ministers in the State of New York, Revs. Starr and Luna are available to perform many different types of legally-binding rites, such as weddings, handfastings, baby blessings and others.

     This is the teaching arm of the Wiccan Family Temple.  The curriculum is based on a three-degree structure, with each degree's class cycle lasting for a year and a day.  Degree attainment is NOT required for attendance at Open rituals and events, nor must every student necessarily have degree attainment in the WFT as their goalall First Degree classes are open to any interested people, both Pagan and non-Pagan, for their own growth.

The Wild Hunt posts news articles and interviews on topics of interest to Pagans and Witches.

     The Witches' VoiceThis site is THE go-to resource for Witches and Pagans of all persuasions.  With pages for all 50 states plus foreign countries, they provide information and breaking news on local, national and international fronts.  They also offer articles, clergy listings, store and e-store listings, calendars of events and forums.

Other Religious / Spiritual Sites: 

The Alternative Religions Educational Network.  The name pretty much says it all.

     A site which promotes tolerance and understanding among religious and spiritual groups of all persuasions.  Extremely well-put-together.

     From their website, on the "What is it?" page:

     "Most people need a religion to help guide them through life's challenges and difficult moral decisions. Recognizing how the power of religious rituals, methods, and communication can impact human behavior, Spiritual Humanism fuses traditional religious behaviors onto the foundation of scientific humanist inquiry."

     I find CSH (Church of Spiritual Humanism) fascinating for their inclusive approach to religion and spirituality.  In their worldview, science and spirit are not mutually exclusive.  Definitely worth a look.

     The Universal Life Church offers free ordination to anyone on a peaceful, life-affirming spiritual path.  Note that this is NOT an "on-line" or "internet" or "computerized" ordination!  A REAL PERSON has to review your application before acceptance.  They currently have congregations in most US states and in other countries.


Miscellaneous Local Pagan-Friendly Sites Goods & Services: 

     A "boutique" Real Estate agency located in NYC.  Wiccan-owned and -operated by a friendly and hard-working woman who brings nearly a decade's worth of Real Estate experience to the table.  She specializes in East Village, Soho (Manhattan) and Williamsburg, Brooklyn properties, but she also has exclusives in other neighborhoods. She even has access to some sales and rentals outside of NYC.

     A small, yet sincere, Pagan-owned and -operated, "green" housecleaning company.  They also do psychic housecleaning!  Rates are reasonable.  Centered in NYC, they are available to clients in all five boroughs as well as Hoboken, Jersey City and Bayonne, NJ.

     Enfleurage is a wonderful source for high-quality oils, herbs, incenses and perfumes. They specialize in exotics from around the world, which the owner personally selects when she visits the distilleries and farms.  I very much doubt you'll ever find true, pure Gardenia, Lotus or Tuberose essential oils anywhere else in this part of the country!  Also, the staff is Pagan-friendly, the atmosphere is welcoming and the decor is lovely.  Located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City.

     Lush is a Canadian-based bath and beauty products company with stores in 37 countries, including four in New York City.  They have a very inclusive and respectful attitude towards different types of people and different paths, with some products that seem to be aimed specifically towards Pagans/Wiccans:  Wiccy Massage Bar, anyone? How about Cerridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt?  *grin*  All of their products are made by hand, are vegetarian—three-fourths of them are vegan—and are "cruelty free."  They place a lot of emphasis on using organic ingredients and do so whenever possible.  Their packaging is minimal and eco-friendly.  Also, they put out a very informative and helpful quarterly newsletter/catalog.  I've recently re-discovered this place and have begun using their products; I must say they do work as advertised!  A bit pricey, but worth every penny.  A lovely (and ethical) indulgence, highly recommended.