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Recommended Listening

  These are some of my sources of musical inspiration for magic, meditation and celebration, which I listen to when the time and the mood dictate.  I realize that not all of the artists and songs listed here are everyone's cup of tea; however, my musical tastes are quite varied, so I expect there will be something here for nearly everyone to relate to. Also, I will be updating this list as time and inspiration permit.

  *If you are under 18 years of age, please be advised that some of the material listed below may not be suitable for your ears.  If your membership has been approved, then you may feel free to explore the list below.  If not, please avoid entries with *** after them.  Thanks.  (I'm trusting you on this!)

  Enjoy...and please feel free to let me know, if you decide to use any of these suggestions, how they work for you.  Feedback is always welcomed!

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Peter Gabriel, Us.

Robert Gass & On Wings of Song, Om Namah Shivaya.

The Hit Crew, Irish for a Day (compilation).

Mudvayne, The End of All Things to Come. ***

Mudvayne, Lost and Found. ***

A Perfect Circle, Emotive. ***

Putumayo's Acoustic Arabia.

Putumayo's Arabic Groove. 

Putumayo's World Reggae.

Tool, Lateralus. ***

Tan Dun & the Shanghai Orchestra, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (soundtrack).

Tao, Music for Relaxation.

White Swan Music, Jai Ma: Songs of the Divine Feminine.


Anything by these artists: 

AfroCelt Sound System

Azam Ali

Bob Marley

Máire Brennan



Four Winds Earth Chorus


Loreena McKennitt




Ofra Haza 

Peter Gabriel

Reclaiming Collective

Sarah MacLachlan



Spinner & Magnus


Tori Amos



These songs are also quite inspiring:

Apache Indian, Om Numah Shivaya

Apoptygma Berserk, Eclipse

Apoptygma Berserk, Kathy's Song (Come Lie Next to Me)

Azam Ali & Conjure One, Nargis 

The Beatles, Here Comes the Sun

Carl Orff, O Fortuna! (from Carmina Burana)

Count to Infinity, Undertow (Dead Stars mix by Icon of Coil)

Covenant, Bullet

Covenant, I Am 

Covenant, We Want Revolution 

Jewel, Hands

Majek Fashek, African Unity 

Niyaz, Beni Beni 

Niyaz, The Hunt 

The Police, Spirits in the Material World

Tori Amos, Girl

Tori Amos, Mother

Tori Amos, Silent All These Years

Vas, Sunyata

VNV Nation, Illusion

VNV Nation, Standing