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These lessons were created with the beginning occultist or witch in mind.  Other, more experienced folk will probably be familiar with most of this material; that said, you might still be able to glean some new information or insights from it, so there may be something here for you as well.

Due to previous issues with people having plagiarized my work, these lessons are only viewable by Members of this site.  Please note that if you leave your site profile blank when you register, you will NOT be granted access to these lessons!  It's important to me to know what members want from this site, where they're coming from and where they wish to go, so that I can tailor the lessons and other site content to meet your needs.  I can't do that effectively if you don't share certain information with me.

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The list below will give you an idea of what lessons are offered in this series.  They are designed to flow from one to another in a coherent way, as you follow them from top to bottom.  Not all of the lessons are web-ready, so some of them might seem out-of-order.  Please be patient; I am always adding new content as and when I can!  Just check back often for new lessons in the series.


Psychic Self-Defense
The Role of Guardian