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Inspirational Material

Included in this section are selections from various media that I have personally found to be inspiring and encouraging.  Working mostly solitary as I do, it's important to me to have some form of support coming from outside myself, even if no other people are present; these quotes, books and songs do that for me.

These pages will be updated as time and circumstances permit, so check back often for changes and additions to them!

I hope that you find as much (or more!) inspiration, encouragement and flat-out enjoyment from these sources as I do.  Blessed be!

Inspirational Quotes
Magic, Defined

Recommended Listening ***

Recommended Reading

 *** Please note that not all of the music listed in this section is appropriate for children under 18. If you are under 18 years of age, please avoid listening to those songs and artists (marked with an asterisk) until you're older.  I'm trusting you on this!  Please don't get me into trouble with your parents or else I'll have to shut down the site...or else password-protect the lists, which is a drag. Thank you!