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Change Is Good...Even When It Hurts

Posted on October 4, 2010 at 7:06 AM

Greetings, all,

Yes, change IS good.  I'm facing some difficult changes lately, though -- especially with regard to my health.

I have to have dental surgery soon, more than once, which means that the constant pain and infection that I've been dealing with (which has sidelined me from some of my reading gigs) will be gone!  Still, I'm not exactly comfortable with the notion of surgery, so this is still sort of a stressful thing.  Plus, I really want to be healed and healthy in time to celebrate my birthday, so I'm worried about the timing as well!

Also, I've been attempting to ward off a recurring shoulder problem, which is interfering with my computer time, which is why it's been so long between posts!

I'll take this opportunity to say that I greatly appreciate all the patience and good will that you have shared with me while I tackle these issues.  :)

Other changes:  The starting time for the Samhain ritual at Sundown on Sunday, Oct. 31st (please see the Calendar) will more likely be 9:30 or 10 PM as the doors are now scheduled to open at 9.  No worries; it's only 1/2 hour or so later than originally planned...and those of you who couldn't get the next day off can get your ritual on and still get enough sleep for the morrow. 8)

It looks as though I will, in fact, be reading at the Court of Lazarus beginning this month.  So, if you're around Houston St. on Sunday evening, please feel free to drop by and see me!  It's at Madame X, at Houston St. off of LaGuardia Place in Manhattan, NYC.  There is a small cover charge of $5.00 to get upstairs, where I'll be reading in the back room that overlooks the garden.

If Gothic-styled events are not your cup of tea, though, then perhaps you could come out to Smithtown, Long Island on Saturday, Oct. 30th for the New York Witch Festival!  I'll be both reading and vending on that day: it's the premiere of my new company, Chthonia Fragrances.  I'm so psyched for this!  :D There will be hand-poured soywax candles, fragrances and sachets -- All Samhain-themed, in honor of the season -- plus some Pagan and witchy jewelry!  I will be joined by one or two friends who will handle the vending while I'm reading.  The event runs from 9 AM 'til 5 PM and is fairly easy to get to.  Please visit for more info on this amazing, HUGE event!

Finally, I've been sort of heavily nudged by several people to resurrect an Interfaith choral group that I was once part of, that has been defunct for several years now.  Well, I've finally gone and done it, albeit in a somewhat different format.  :)  The new group will be called Spirit Song Earth Chorus.  The date of this first meeting is Saturday, November 6th, 2010, from 2-4 PM.  Our first meeting will be held at a private location in New York; only attendees who RSVP with "Yes" will be given the address.  Hopefully, the second and succeeding meetings will be held in Manhattan, at a more easily accessible location.

I ask only a few things from prospective members of this group:

1. Please bring a short (1-2 minute) solo piece with you for your audition.  If you also play an instrument, you may bring a short piece for that as well...but you must also bring a vocal piece.  Not all singers have to play, but all players MUST sing.  No exceptions!

2. If you "fail" the audition, this does not necessarily mean that you will not be welcomed to join!  There is a two-tier structure: A Performance tier and a General tier.  Auditions apply mostly to those who aspire to participate in performances as well as workshops, rituals and other events.

3. Please also bring a dollar or two to donate, which will go towards the cost of renting a new space in the City that is more accessible and more acoustically fitting for music.  Dues will be requested at every meeting.  I have to pay them, too!  It's just that I can't foot the *entire* bill.

4. Please leave your drama at the door!  This is a community-based, spiritual endeavor; there is no room for unhealthy egoistic nor egotistic behavior here!

On one last, upbeat note:  My birthday party will be held this coming Friday, Oct. 8th at at a club called UC87, during an Absolution night -- at which I am NOT planning to read!  I'll be there to relax and have fun.  (I will, however, make appointments to read at a later date, if you like!)  There will be cake, of a scavenger hunt!  The cover is only $10 ($8 with a flyer), plus you'll have a chance at a free drink and some cool goodies!  So, come on down!

Blessed be...and a very merry un-Birthday to you! :lol:

P.S.:  My experience at NYC Pagan Pride Day this year went very well!  I had a TON of readings and had a really good time, too.  The weather was near-perfect, although a bit windy.  We had help with setting up the tent (thanks!), my good friend came down with me to help out (thank you SO MUCH!), more good friends helped get us back uptown (thank you, too!) and all in all, it was great!  My only problem, as with last year, is that I ran out of business cards!  :(  I'm working on getting some more as we speak.

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